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If you’re not charging for design and project development, you are shooting from the hip, or you don’t have a solid process to qualify and disqualify potential projects,

here are tools to help strengthen your sales process!

I offer 3 self-guided courses, 1 overview of the entire sales process, and 2 deep dive courses into specific segments. 

Remodel Your Sales Process

An 8-Session course that walks through the sales process – from the initial phone call to professionally staying in touch after the project is done. 

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Charging for Design and Project Development

You’ll have the exact wording for how to present this strategy most effectively to prospects. Imagine leaving your next meeting with payment in hand for your design and/or project development work! And best of all, your overall closing percentage will go WAY up. 

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5 Powerful Words When Talking With A Remodeling Prospect: This Is How We Work

You’ll leave this 4-session course with a marketing/sales asset that gives clarity to your prospects (and you/your team!) It will help you move projects through your sales process far quicker and you’ll close more sales.

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If you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching to develop and hone your Sales Process, reach out via email ( or call or text 517-902-8450!

For each area of your Sales Process, I’ll dig in to get an understanding of what you’re currently doing and how you’re doing it and from there offer you my suggestions/ideas/coaching on what you could improve and make better. Steps in the Sales Process that we’ll cover:

  1. Your First Call/Contact With A Prospect
  2. What happens between Initial Phone Call & First In-Person Meeting
  3. Best practices for what to do After In-Person Meeting
  4. Evaluate your Design/Project Development and Estimating Process
  5. Setting up your professional Lead Tracking & Sales Pipeline System
  6. How to best Follow-up with Prospects
  7. What to do when we sign a New Client
  8. What to do when the job is completed
  9. How to effectively Stay-In-Touch with Previous Clients/Prospects

As a client of mine, I have a lot of templates/tools/resources that will make implementing changes/improvements a lot easier for you.