moneyWhen I talk with and coach Michigan Remodelers – often times, we find out that a good portion of their business comes from Repeat Clients.

However, the majority of the marketing dollars they are spending are going towards looking for new clients…

While there is a part of your plan that should be devoted to new client acquisition….don’t forget about those Previous Clients of yours.

Remember, your previous clients:

  • Buy quicker than non-customers (they already “know, like and trust” you)
  • They refer more
  • They cost you much less to reach and sell
  • They spend more
  • They have higher closing rates

Your existing client base is your most valuable marketing asset!

Be proactive in reaching out to them…

Don’t neglect them…

Educate them and continue to build “know, like and trust”…

Our members have success when they are take a proactive approach to reaching their Previous Clients.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – let us help you with our proven strategies that will keep your Previous Clients coming back for more.