Your marketing Plan 

If you are needing to generate more high-quality leads or if you don’t have a well-thought out and effective marketing plan,

here are tools to help strengthen your sales process!

I offer 2 self-guided courses, 1 overview of how to build a strong marketing plan, 1 deep dive course into a specific segment of your marketing plan, and 1 Done-for-You service to help leverage your most valuable marketing asset. 

Remodel Your Marketing Plan

An 8-session course which produces a clear, powerful, and personalized Marketing Plan & Budget and implementing the plan leads to strong lead generation and a healthy remodeling business.

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How to Stay in Touch with Previous Clients

At the end of this 4-session course, you and your company will benefit long term with increased client satisfaction, growing repeat and referral work, and your revenue and profit margins will rise. Experience proves there’s great ROI from this focused work and effort!

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Remodelers AutoPilot

Remodelers AutoPilot is a simple and effective way to leverage your most valuable marketing asset, your previous clients, through done-for-you email newsletters and social media posts at a low monthly rate. Are you staying in touch with your previous clients? If not, try our done-for-you service for only $1

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If you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching to build your Marketing Plan and Marketing Budget, reach out via email ( or call or text 517-902-8450!

Please see this PDF (click here.) This is the workbook that’s focused on the Marketing Strategy & Tactics for your remodeling business. We’ll go through all of the areas that you see in this workbook.

The deliverable as we work through it is a clear Marketing Plan for your business. We’ll set clear priorities for what you’ll focus on. Have a clear ‘Next Step’ attached to each part of the marketing plan and dates for implementation and who is responsible will be included. We’ll put in the ‘Parking Lot’ ideas that you may incorporate in the future, but that isn’t going to be part of the plan now.

We will set a Marketing Budget as part of this as well – and tie the Marketing Plan & Budget together.