You need to be able to know that you generated 125 leads this year with

___ coming from Previous Clients

___ coming from your Website

___ coming from Referrals from Strategic Partners

___ coming from Facebook


BONUS POINTS if you can also track your Closing Percentage by Lead Source.

When you’re dealing with actual numbers

That allows you to evaluate ROI with clear data!

And you make wiser decisions on how you invest your hard-earned marketing dollars.

P.S. If you use BuilderTREND or CoConstruct – you can do this within the program. You can do this in your CRM system. You can do this by just keeping a simple spreadsheet up-to-date.

I don’t care too much about HOW you do it,

I just want you to DO it.

It will make you a stronger remodeler to have clear tracking in this area.

What gets measured, gets improved.

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