I’m writing this blog as much for myself as I am for you.

We all need to be doing a better job of getting proof and testimonials from clients.

That might mean:

  • Making sure we are getting out a nice Client Satisfaction Survey at the end of the project (example here) to capture testimonials
  • Getting your client’s thoughts about working with your business in a quick iPhone video
  • When they verbally share some great feedback with you – writing it down and then asking if you can use it in your marketing efforts
  • Writing up a simple and solid Project Story (what they wanted to do in their kitchen and how you helped them – including pictures and a testimonial)

The bottom line is – we all need to be more proactive with getting proof and testimonials.

I finally got serious about asking for testimonials from some of my Remodelers AutoPilot clients – after putting it off for far too long (you can see some of them below.)

– Make securing one testimonial a priority in the 7 days.

“I just want to thank you for all of your help. We are on track for another record year – as we already have more volume under contract/design agreements this year than all of last year.No way I could have achieved or managed this increase in business without the tools/systems you helped us set up in Remodelers AutoPilot.”

Jacob Thompson, Home Run Solutions

“Kyle – I can’t tell you how much I have taken away from your coaching. It has made my confidence level grow tremendously.Remodelers AutoPilot keeps sales pipeline very organized. It’s easy to use and professionally differentiates our company during the prospect stage and keeps us in front of past clients.

Stu Cavner, Innovative Builders & Remodelers

“In every way, Kyle brings value, creativity, and accountability – I consider him a true friend and advisor.Remodelers AutoPilot program has kept us very organized. All of our client information is at my fingertips. We keep in touch with our previous clients very easily with the done-for-you email newsletter. I’m able to send out our appointment confirmation email with a click.

It’s like the least expensive employee we have. It’s reliable, never gets sick, and is consistent. It helps us keep a professional and organized appearance to our prospects and clients.”

Bret Oleksyn, Odd Fellows Contracting

Learn more about Remodelers AutoPilot here.

“It was excellent having Kyle readily available for comments, questions, or concerns. And they are always handled with a great blend of professionalism and friendliness.Remodelers AutoPilot was smooth and easy to set up. Is easy to use and effective at communicating to prospects/clients automatically in a personal, yet professional manner.

Kyle must have a team to help get Remodelers AutoPilot all set up – there is no way that one guy could do so much, so well, with so much creativity, energy, and personality.”

Ben Quie, Ben Quie & Sons

“The best part about the Remodelers AutoPilot program is that it’s super simple.At our remodeling appointment yesterday with a potential client she complimented us and was “very impressed” by the email I sent her after the appointment was scheduled. Said she’s never had any contractor do that before. The system really helps differentiate us.”

Nancy & Mark Benson, Bencar Building Systems

Learn more about Remodelers AutoPilot here.