The left side of this image might look like a bit of mess. But it is a BEAUTIFUL mess!

I grabbed the screenshot during a recent Remodelers Circle mastermind meeting. My client mentioned he has a lot of stuff stacked up in the back of his office now because he decided he didn’t need to be spending $450/month on a storage unit that he had been renting for a long time.

That’s $5400 that he will NOT be spending on the storage unit and that he can reinvest in his business, put in savings, or draw from the company.


Hold every dollar you spend in your business accountable! Is it really worth it? Do you HAVE to spend it? Challenge every expense you have and cut the fat.

One of my clients shared this the other day: “Even though times are good – I want to run my business like things AREN’T good. I’ve been through this a time or two – things will cool off and I don’t want to be stuck running a business that’s spending too much.”

P.S. In the case of my client, he’s putting the $5400 towards a new benefit he’s offering to his employees. He sees the goodwill and benefit of that as much more important than the storage unit and bit of a mess he needs to sort through in his office. I agree!