You may be able to relate to this one.

We have four kids. Three in school (Pre-K, 3rd, 5th grades) and one doing preschool two days a week.

Let me tell you about getting out the door in the morning (and then tie it into your remodeling business.)

Getting out the door (when it works)

  • The night before…
    • Lunches are packed and in the fridge
    • Homework is all done and checked
    • School bags organized
    • Clothes laid out for the morning
    • Water bottles filled and ready
  • The morning of…
    • Kids wake up on time
    • Dad’s already been up for a little bit (has had coffee.) Took care of some studying, a few quick emails, and a little pick-up in the kitchen
    • Dad and kids take care of breakfast
    • Momma gets her breakfast and coffee in bed and comes down 10 minutes later to do the girl’s hair, etc.
    • Dad takes a shower and everyone is pleasant, not rushed, and out the door for school at 7:30.

Getting out the door (when it doesn’t work – AKA: This Morning)

  • The night before…
    • Lunches were kind-of packed, but not really
    • It was a busy night, so we didn’t get homework and school work quite squared away
    • Clothes are out – they just happen to be in two baskets of clean laundry piled in the dining room
    • Water bottles got washed, but they are empty and in the dishwasher
  • The morning of…
    • Dad was tired and hit the snooze button for 45 minutes
    • Kids didn’t get up and moving very well either
    • Breakfast was a rush
    • Momma didn’t get her usual coffee/toast in bed
    • Everyone was a little cranky (with dad – thetone-setter – leading the way)
    • Teeth brushing got rushed
    • Belt and glasses couldn’t be found by son #1
    • Did I mention dad didn’t get his coffee?
    • Voices are raised, things are scattered, everyone is rushed, and we’re late

In your remodeling business – when you prepare the week before a job starts – things run smoother.

When you take the time to bring your lead guy out to the jobsite for a pre-construction handoff – there’s less stress.

When you have checklists and you follow them – people are more relaxed and in-control.

When you order materials in advance (like you know you need to) – it limits surprises and delays.

When you’re proactive vs. reactive – you/your team/your clients are more pleasant.

When you follow the process that you have in place – that you know works vs. being loose with it – you’re more successful.

Being prepared produces a feeling of being relaxed, in control, smooth, easy, fun, and successful.

The other is stressful, lots of (bad) surprises, loud, costly, hectic.

9 times out of 10, just like the Hunt’s getting ready for school, things running smoothly in your remodeling business is about taking a few minutes to prepare, consult the checklist, and a little dose of discipline to make sure what needs to get done in advance – gets done.

Remodelers AutoPilot helps make your sales process, sales pipeline, follow-up, stay-in-touch marketing efforts relaxed, in-control, smooth, easy, fun, and successful.