I had a phone call this morning with someone I’d never spoken to before. He is a business coach (like myself) and a mutual friend connected us.

After a couple minutes of getting to know each other, he said, “Let’s focus on you and your business today.”

And over the next 40 minutes, I talked to him about my business, the way I work with clients, what I charge, how I package my services, my support staff, my sales revenue, etc.

He kept asking questions and sharing his thoughts/feedback.

Encouraging me on things he heard that he thought were great.

Bringing up new ideas for me to consider based on his experience working with other business coaches.

He listened, was inquisitive, and I could tell he just wanted to help.

It was awesome. Sometimes the coach needs a coach and that’s what I received this morning!

It’s 5 hours after the call and I’m still flying high from it – I was filled up and encouraged with some of the ‘you’re doing great – keep it up’ and also challenged (in a good way) on additional things I should be trying to do.

There’s something powerful about having people from the outside come in and take a look at you and your business. There’s so much that they can see that you can’t (because you’re in the middle of it.)

This type of experience is something that many remodelers, starting in April (next month!), will be experiencing when they participate in my Remodelers Circle Mastermind Groups.

I have three groups (two for remodeling business owners and one for office managers) that will be kicking off and they are filling up fast.

In addition to the mastermind group – there’s done-for-you email newsletters and social media posts – my Coaching Gym – access to professional sales and marketing training and more.

Full details on what’s included and the pricing can be found here.

And here’s a quick post that gives you a good ‘feel’ for what the masterminds will be like.

Reach out with any questions or to sign-up.