Wouldn’t it be nice to…

  • Be a click away from sending out a professional intro email and postcard to a new prospect.
    • An email and postcard that helps differentiate your business and shows how professional you are.
      • And another email/postcard that go out when they sign with you that includes your ‘New Client Kit’
  • With a click – pull up everyone who is in your Sales Pipeline and send professional follow-up emails/postcards to them:
    • Sales Pipeline Stages:
      • 1 – Appointment Stage
      • 2 – Working on Proposal/Design
      • 3 – Done Proposal For, Haven’t Signed
      • 4 – Jobs In Progress
      • 5 – Completed Jobs
  • When the job is complete – with, one click, add them to a ‘Completed Job Sequence’ that automatically sends out the following over the next two years:
    • Day 1: Survey – “How did we do?”
    • Day 30: Review Request: “Can you leave a Google review for us?”
    • Day 180: 6-Month Check-in Email
    • Day 365: 1-Year ‘Happy Birthday to Your Remodel’ Postcard
    • Day 547: Another check-in/reminder email
    • Day 725: ‘It’s been almost 2-years!’ Email
    • Etc…. Again, all of that ‘stay-in-touch’ happens with a one click of a button
  • Neighborhood Campaigns
    • Be able to pull a list of addresses around a project you are working on and send a series of professional ‘Pardon Our Dust’ postcards to them.
  • Reporting:
    • Clear reports that show exactly where your leads are coming from, your closing percentage by lead source, etc.

And wouldn’t it be nice if the program was affordable and really easy to use?

The good news is that 20 of my remodeling clients across the country already have this program implemented in their business.

It helps them convert more of their leads into paying projects.

The software company I use to power the program is increasing their pricing (later this summer) and I want to get several new clients set-up with the program during June.

Since I’m sharing several of the templates from the program, I want to share the links with folks who are interested vs. broadcasting the link to everyone.

If you want to see a demo of how it works (including example emails/postcards) and pricing info – just email me and I’ll send it over.

Many thanks and happy June!