The screenshots you see below look like the old Brady Bunch intro…

These are four images from my Remodelers Circle groups. Similar sized, non-compete, like-minded remodelers from around the country all helping each other learn and improve their businesses and lives.

The ladies you see are the ‘Queen Bees’ (they picked the name!) – they’re a group of remodeling Office Managers, stretching from Connecticut to California.

The other three groups are remodelers at different levels of revenue ($400k-$750k range, $750k-$1.2M range, and a group in the $1.2M-$3M range.)


I kicked off these Remodelers Circle groups a few months back and they’re going amazingly well.

We’re sharing templates/tools/resources, giving feedback on the estimating and proposal process, offering ideas/tweaks to each others sales process, brainstorming marketing ideas, offering strategic ideas related to hiring, speaking truth to each other about firing employees who aren’t performing, analyzing job cost reports, and more.

As a member, besides the powerful mastermind video conference each month, they’re also receiving:

  • Monthly done-for-you Email Newsletter
  • Monthly done-for-you Social Media Posts
  • Customized Client Satisfaction Survey & Lost Job Survey
  • Coaching Gym – 15 minute 1on1 coaching calls with me during the month
  • Full Access to my existing training courses
  • And more

You can learn more about it here.

There’s nothing quite like it out there for remodelers, when you combine the investment, the benefits, and the results/change/improvement it delivers.