I’m going to let you listen in on a meeting I had yesterday with a client.

Who-wordWitness my brilliant, high-level coaching work in action 🙂

‘Who else?’

‘Ok. Who else?’

‘Good. Who else?’

‘Alright. Who else?’

‘Think hard… Who else?’

‘Look in that pile of folders… Who else?’

What we accomplished was taking his sales pipeline (21 prospects in all) that was in his brain and got it into a spreadsheet.

The next step will be to get it added into his Remodelers AutoPilot account so that everything is beautifully organized.

He’ll have his entire sales pipeline at his fingertips within seconds and have a toolbox of follow-up emails, postcards, and communications that he can send with a click.

No more leads slipping through the cracks. No more brain power being used trying to keep everything straight in his head.

No more, ‘Crap! I should really call them back.

Time spent getting this part of your business organized is as valuable as it gets. It gives you peace of mind and helps you close more sales.

Let me know if you are ready to get this part of your business organized once and for all or have any questions for me.

Go kick some butt today – focus hard on your most important work