Are you going to choose the left side or right side?

No, I’m not talking about our presidential elections…

I’m talking about the table below.

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Remodelers AuotPilot Logo Blue No System…
Just Shooting From The Hip
Pulling out an organized Project Discovery Sheet Pulling out a blank sheet of paper
Asking professional questions during a solid 20 minute phone call to a new prospect Asking very little over a 3 minute phone call
With one click, sending out a professional appointment confirmation email with helpful resources Sending the prospect nothing via email before the in-person meeting
Your prospect receiving a postcard in the mail explaining what doing business with you is going to be like Them getting nothing in the mail from you
Having professional emails/postcards to help you follow-up with prospects Picking up the phone, calling a couple times and giving up
Within seconds being able to clearly see your entire sales pipeline by category Stumbling through random folders on your desk
Sending a professional New Client Kit to someone who just signed with you Collecting a check and them waiting to see what to do next
Easily sending ‘Pardon Our Dust’ postcards to the neighborhood you are working in to generate leads Not communicating with a neighborhood of potential clients
Adding them to a Completed Job Sequence and automatically sending out an end of job survey and other communications for the next two years Finishing the project and not staying in touch
Sending out a professional designed and written email newsletter each month while barely lifting a finger Ignoring your previous clients
Once a year, through your Marketing Dashboard Report seeing how many leads you generated, closing percentage by lead source, cost per lead, cost per sale statistics so that you know what’s working and what’s not working Relying on your gut to tell you what’s working and not working
Having monthly access to ask questions to a professional coach who works exclusively with remodelers around the country Trying to do it all on your own

Click here to learn more about my Remodelers AutoPilot program(the left side of the table above)

P.S. On another note: Dusting this off from back in early June. It’s Friday – a good day to reflect on these questions.