When was the last time you invested some money in training for you or your team?

We need to continue to send our team to training – to build our knowledge as business owners – sharpen our sales skills, invest in understanding our financials, etc.

Look into local classes that your HBA or NARI groups are offering.

Look for seminars and workshops that your Chamber or other local groups are putting on.

Find webinars and podcasts to help you expand your thinking. Don’t be complacent – get out there and learn!

Two opportunities for you coming up on this topic:

  1. I’ve had many clients go through Michael Stone’s two-day in-person workshop and I highly recommend them. The workshop is titled ‘Making the Numbers Work in Construction
    • They are coming up in Anaheim, Lafayette, Detroit, Cherry Hill, Omaha, and Houston. Details can be found here.
    • I highly recommend this class if you’re needing to understand the financial side of your business in a much deeper way. Michael will challenge you on your mark-up, job costing, understanding your overall P&L, and more.
  2. Remodel Your Sales Process – this is my 8 session live group coaching that is starting on September 12, 2017. Details can be found here.
    • I have 15 people signed up so far – it’s going to be lively and packed full of practical ideas – and all focused on implementing what you learn.
    • Have a salesperson or office manager (who takes new prospect phone calls) on your team? This would a great training for them as well.

To Recap:

Don’t be complacent! Continue to improve your knowledge and the knowledge of your team. Make the time for it and set aside some of your hard earned dollars to invest in training.