‘Hey – I’m on GoToMeeting – are you still able to meet?‘, I sent that text after waiting on the screenshare/conference line for a client.

Sorry!‘, she replied, ‘Need to reschedule. Just got bad news. Diesel truck needs a new engine. $10k would be getting off easy.


Crap happens.

Reminder: Work is plentiful for a lot of the industry right now and (hopefully!) you’re making good money with the work you’re doing – now is the time to build that nest egg.

Check your expenses – anything to shave off?

Also, be more purposeful with building up your business savings and get a good, solid cash balance built up.

Nobody knows when things might slow down a bit, but they will. Maybe 6 months, 2 years, 5 years – not sure…

Now is the time to pay off debt and get a solid savings built.

The engine will blow – crap will happen!

Make sure you have a solid security net to fall back on.


One other thought for you…

When’s the best time to market? When’s the best time to get a system set-up to manage your sales pipeline, improve your sales process, and implement a solution to stay-in-touch with previous clients?

Option 1:
When you’re slow and desperately need leads/work?

Option 2:
When you’re busy and don’t desperately need leads/work?

Just like saving money is easier and better when business is going great – getting your marketing and sales process in place is easier and better when you have a backlog of work.

Is now the time to get Remodelers AutoPilot implemented in your business?

My team and I do most of the heavy lifting – so we’re able to get it in place even if you’re short on time.