One of my clients received a website lead the other day.

This came in on Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:55 PM

“Please tell us about the project you had in mind:

2000 sq ft basement finishing with bathroom and wetbar. Are you available to come out for an estimate this Saturday tomorrow?”


Two things come to mind:

1. Really?! Website contact form at 4:55PM on a Friday and you want me to come out tomorrow??

2. This is a really good reminder that a huge part of your job as a professional remodeler is to educate your homeowners.

They’re watching HGTV – they think that basement remodel is going to cost $17,000 and take a week to complete.

When you have the first phone call with them – they’re expecting the call to last two minutes and for you to quickly book an appointment to come out to their home.

Most likely, they’re expecting you to work up some type of design and put hours and hours into a proposal for them free of charge.

They’re busy – so they would prefer it if you just email them the proposal instead of setting up an in-person appointment to review the proposal together.


A huge part of your job is to educate them. Teach them. Explain the process clearly to them.

To elegantly lead them (not in a pushy way at all) through the entire remodeling process.

That’s part of the service you’re offering them.

For yourself – part of your job is to protect your most valuable asset – your time.

This requires you to have a process and system you follow. A way for you to qualify leads so that you’re not chasing after everything that comes in.


This type of sales training and process is what we cover as we set-up your Remodelers AutoPilot program.

P.S. What’s your frog today?