What gets measured, gets improved.

Whether it’s an app to track what you’re eating throughout the day and keeping track of calories.

Or tracking your remodeling leads and where they’re coming from.

Or tracking how much you’re spending on your family’s eating out budget.

Or carefully measuring your job costing on a kitchen remodeling project.

Or writing down what time your crew leaves the office every morning.

Or how often you’re staying in touch/marketing to your previous clients.

What gets measured, gets improved.

What you need to think about for your business is: What are the important things that I need to track?

Some people call these things ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI’s) – these are things you measure and track because they’re a huge indicator of success.

If you track and measure them regularly – they will improve and good things will happen.

If you ignore and neglect them – bad things will happen.

For you, what is something you need to track more closely?