I received a ‘FitBit‘ for my birthday a couple months back. It tracks your sleeping, steps during the day, calories, active minutes, etc.

Do you agree with this statement?

What gets measured, gets improved.

I’ve been more active, watching what I eat, going for walks during the day.

As stupid as it sounds, I was getting gas the other day and I walked around my van (we are two van family…) a few times while the pump was going – just to get closer to my 10,000 step goal for the day!

What gets measured, gets improved

This statement is true in your remodeling business as well.

What do you measure/track closely in your business? OR What do you need to measure/track more closely in your business?

Number of Leads? Closing Percentage? Turnaround time on estimates? Cash flow? Backlog? Profit margin? Website visits? Business Budget? Job Costing?

Please share a few thoughts with me in the comments below!