Remodeler, I want you to stick your neck out there and make some SOLID Guarantees.

Things like:

  • Guaranteed Start Date
  • Guaranteed Budget (what you sign on the agreement is what you pay)
  • Guaranteed Schedule
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

You can get specific and make guarantees related to:

  • Landscape Protection
  • Jobsite Cleanliness
  • Show up when we say we will
  • All employees are background checked, drug tested, etc.

This post is simply meant to get your mind thinking about what type of GUARANTEES you can offer in your remodeling business.

Don’t shy away from them – you probably already offer some of these things… By bringing them to the forefront during the sales process, you help differentiate your business from all those other folks who you compete against.

I bet your competitor doesn’t have a “5-Point Promise” or a “4-Way Guarantee” – come up with some solid guarantees, put a name on them and tell prospects all about what you offer that others don’t.