The title above is the question I asked a remodeling client of mine the other day.

Her reply was that she sent three handwritten New Year’s cards to past clients. She’s sent seven of them out and has generated two remodeling project leads off those seven cards.

You’ll see in the example she sent me below that her handwriting is quite impressive. But her excellent penmanship isn’t why she’s generated the two leads.

It’s the fact that she was thoughtful and took a couple minutes to thank her client, made it personal and then addressed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed the cards. She took action on an idea (sending handwritten thank you cards) that we’ve all heard and are aware of.

What a great example of implementing and taking action on a proven and practical marketing idea. Follow her lead!

Remodeler: Don’t over complicate things. Don’t go and search for the next bright and shiny marketing idea. Get practical and add ‘sending handwritten thank you cards to past clients’ to your marketing plan this year. I’m confident you’ll see positive results.

A closing thought: If you don’t have custom made (with your logo) thank you cards – don’t rush out and get them, yet. If you like this idea – jump on Amazon and buy a box of 10 generic thank you cards.

Get those 10 sent out. Prove to yourself that you’re going to implement and do this and then feel free to go out and get some custom cards created. Focus on implementing fast with your new marketing ideas.

Example is below – as you look at it – ask this question: ‘What past client should I send a similar card to?’