T1SavyXbdmXXbxVKU0_035121I met with a client last week. I’ve seen him in-person probably 10-12 times over the last year.

When I saw him, I immediately noticed something different.

Instead of his normal jeans and dress shirt he had on a nice pair of dress pants.

Being a smart aleck, I said, “Wow, did you dress up just for me?”

His reply, “No, I’m making a conscience effort to step my game up. Making sure I look sharp to prospects/clients is part of that.”

Bingo. Bango.

  • Answer the phone with a smile on your face and be up-beat.
  • On the first appointment, put on booties to protect their floors.
  • Make that tough phone call right now that you’ve been putting off.
  • Step your game up and wear dress pants!

Little Things… They make all the difference.

Two Things:

1. Here’s a direct link to the popular PDF: 30 Little Ways To Differentiate Your Remodeling Business (expands on my quick thoughts above)

2. Listen to Remodelers On The Rise Podcast #2 where Rob Baugher talks about how he made a big change and started running a real business vs. letting his remodeling business run him.

I’m in a mastermind group with a few guys from England. They have given me permission end my blog posts like they do…