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As an encouragement to you – the behind the scenes of this video that took me 6 takes.

Recorded it the first time – went ok. Wanted to edit it down a little though

Botched the start of the 2nd and 3rd one

4th try I got through half of it then wanted to change something I said near the beginning

5th was good – but realized it was 68 seconds though and it wouldn’t fit (timewise) as an Instagram post

6th was solid – and I went with it (even though I said 2017 and had to correct myself at the end.)

I posted it on Instagram, my private Facebook Group (Remodelers Community), and I’m using it here in an email to you.

Took about 20 minutes total – and I know that next time it will go better/smoother. I also know that it will help convince more people to sign up for the webinar because they will know what to expect and it’s a little interesting/different.

Pull out your iPhone when you are on a jobsite or in your office – record and share some educational thoughts/ideas – unique things on the job – detailed way you clean the jobsite – etc. etc. – your remodeling clients/prospects will like it and the more you do it the better you will get at it.

It’s good marketing that I’d like to see you execute on!

P.S. My webinar is Thursday (12/14 at 1:00PM EST) and is titled ‘Your Personalized 2018 Marketing Game Plan

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