I was meeting with one of my remodeling clients at my office this past Friday.

We were talking about a big project that they are waiting to hear back on ($110,000 basement.)

They were telling me about where the lead came from, about the family (the prospect has a couple kids), etc.

And that they were expecting to hear back from them late next week.

I said, “Based on what you are telling me – it sounds like you want to touch base with them?” (Playing the waiting game was killing them.)

A thank you card or check-in email might be good… Phone call a little out of place at that time… So we decided to mail them a ball instead 🙂

I turned my computer monitor around and we proceeded to spend $26 (including the Priority Shipping!) on a yellow kickball that says “Had A Ball!” (here’s the one we ordered.)

We included a message about how they “Had a ball meeting them” and that they look forward to hearing from them soon.


Are they going to sign a $110,000 basement project because we mailed the prospect a yellow kickball? I don’t know.

But I do know, that when they receive it in the mail, it will make them chuckle, give them good feelings about the remodeler, and the kids will be having fun playing with it in the yard… Every time they see that kickball, they will think of who sent it to them.

A little humor and fun in your marketing and sales follow-up can go a long way.

There are more ideas where that came from – Grab a time to chat here.