Want to serve your clients well? 

Charge more. 

Sound counterintuitive? 

Maybe so. 

But when you charge more… 

You can hire better employees, 

And you can offer benefits to your employees to keep the great ones around. 

When you charge more, 

You can buy better tools to help you do your job better. 

When you charge more, 

You can stay in business so that you can stand behind your work.

When you charge more, 

You can hire a designer/material selection person to help your client make all of their selections upfront so your client’s project goes more smoothly and stays on time and on budget. 

When you charge more, 

You can hire a business coach or buy training to help you improve your client experience and the process you walk your client through. 

When you charge more, 

Not only are you serving your client better, 

But you’re serving yourself and your family better by making more money for all the hard work you’re putting in. 

You might even take a nice little vacation and make some memories. 

Charge more so that you can serve well.