Sure, it’s important to continue to generate quality leads.

It’s important to improve your sales process and turn more of those leads into paying projects.

Yes, you need to be staying in touch with your previous clients.

Of course, continue to be smart and invest time and energy in your marketing and sales process (maybe with my program.)

But, in our industry right now – in your business right now – not much is more important than keeping your people happy and fulfilled in their job (especially your carpenters.)

I received this yesterday from one of my clients:

‘Kyle – Reaching out for some input. Our main carpenter just gave his two weeks notice. This is a big blow – especially in this busy season.’

I send this email to serve as a reminder – take care of your team! Let them know you care about them.

Ask each of them, ‘what do you need from me? How can I help you enjoy your job and continue to grow and improve?

Take the time to let them know you value them and that you care about them. Invest in training them.

That survey response you received from your client about how much they loved having ‘Joe’ (your guy) in their home – print it out, attach a thank you and gas card to it.

Your team is a very, very valuable asset. Do everything you can to continue to strengthen your relationship with them.

There’s no magic bullet or tip I have for you on this. Just care and do everything you can to make them feel valued and respected.

And continue to recruit. Always be on the lookout for new potential talent and team members. Be aggressive with it and don’t sit back on your heels.