Yes, I’ll admit – this is a bit silly…. But it DOES get people’s attention (and response.)

Here’s an off-the-wall idea that you might consider implementing in your Remodeling business.

Let’s Say…

You have a prospect that you know is interested in your services. You’ve made a few follow-up phone calls to them, but haven’t heard back from them.

Let’s then say that the job you quoted for them has products in it that qualify for one of the current ‘Tax Credits’ or you have some type of offer with a deadline…

How about we do something crazy like this:

  1. Purchase a little 5″ trash can.
  2. Write a 1-page letter with the headline: “Don’t throw this opportunity away!”
  3. The body of the letter simply tells them that the Tax Credit (or offer) is going to expire soon and they need to act if they want to take advantage of it.
  4. Now CRUMPLE the letter up (Yes, crumple it up!), stick it in the trash can, put it in the box and mail it out.

Your prospect will chuckle when they receive this and you’ll probably get the Yes or No answer you’ve been looking for.

  • I know an entrepreneur who has sent thousands of these and has solid results to show for it.
  • I also have seen a ‘high-end’ remodeler send this to a ‘high-end’ architect. The result was a call from the architect the day he received it, which led to a lunch and the start of a great (and profitable) partnership.

Here’s a sample letter I send out to my prospects (Remodelers who are too busy to make a decision)

I send these out in my business when I’m trying to chase down a busy remodelers that is interested in The Excellence Club or one of my other products, but hasn’t taken action yet.

Here’s the letter that I send – you might be able to get some ideas from it.

P.S. If you’d like to know where you can get these Trash Cans – just shoot me an email and I’ll send you the source.