I just posted this on my Facebook page (view it here.) I’ll copy and paste it below as well.

What I love about my work with remodelers is that it’s not just about marketing and sales. It’s so much more than that. There’s more to life than leads and profits.

Gentleman – I hope you find the post below helpful and challenging. Email me and let me know if you did.

And to the ladies who are reading this post – I hope there is value in it for you as well.


(Even more so if you are married with kids)

This was prompted by an article in my Facebook feed this morning (Read it here.)

From the article:

“But after getting married and having four kids, we drifted apart. We have been through some really tough stuff, including illness, loss, a language delay, anxiety, financial stress, work stress and every little bit of daily stress that comes with parenting.”

If you are married (especially with kids) – it’s very easy to get complacent with your marriage. To put it on back burner.

Too tired. Too wore out. No money to get a babysitter for a date. Lazy. Easier to watch TV for 2 hours after an exhausting day then engage in meaningful conversation or give a back rub or ask how she is doing or show interest in something that she’s into, etc.


When I’m at my WORST it looks like this:
Whiny. Tired. Selfish. Bitter. Raising my voice. Whiny. Whiny some more.

When I’m at my BEST it looks like this:

I MAN UP. I take care of my woman (whether that means conversation, cooking, laundry, cleaning toilets.) Put her first and me second. Engage in good conversation. Pray for her. Make her laugh. Try to make her feel loved.

My point with this email is simply to shake some guys up and tell them to man up, rally, don’t be complacent with your wife, surprise her, cherish her.

Everyone reading this KNOWS that those things are key to a happy, healthy, solid, and fun marriage.

It’s the consistent positive ACTION and the DESIRE to have a happy, healthy, solid, fun marriage that’s the real key.

You have to want it. It’s not going to accidentally happen.

And if you have been screwing it up – go fix it over the coming weeks and months (Note: I didn’t say ‘days.’ It’s a marathon, not a sprint.)

Do something this weekend to man up and delight her. And then do it again on Monday next week. And Thursday. And the followingWednesday.

Careful – you might just start falling in love with her more than you were when you were dating or newlyweds.

And stop acting like we are too macho to talk about these things and that our man to man conversations are only supposed to be about sports and whatever. Bull.

If you want a kick-butt marriage – go make it happen.