I’m working with all of my remodeling clients on ways to generate more project leads from Strategic Partners (I define a Strategic Partner as anyone who shares the same ideal client as you do.)

In particular, a lot of my clients are setting up relationships with Architects & Designers to generate leads and opportunities for their remodeling business. This idea also extends to realtors, other specialty contractors, their CPA, attorney, etc…

Just recently, a client of mine, Nate Balm out in Nebraska, mailed a letter to 30 local designers. The process went like this:

  1. We identified that Interior Designers would be a good lead source for him.
  2. Used SalesGenie.com to quickly generate a list of 30 local designers.
  3. Wrote and mailed a letter to the designers (want a copy of this letter? See below.)
  4. Three days later one of those designers called Nate and they set-up a time to meet for coffee.
  5. They had coffee on a Thursday and the following Monday he was invited to look at a $70,000 full house remodel with that designer.

I just spoke with Nate yesterday and that $70,000 project is now signed! (He’s excited.)

Would you like to see the letter that we mailed out to the designers? Please do the following…

Simply send me an email and tell me the following two (2) things and I’ll email you back the letter we sent out:

  1. Tell me about the last project lead you received from a Strategic Partner.
  2. What Strategic Partner group would you like to be receiving more leads from and why did you pick that group? (could be designers, architects, realtors, specialty contractors, insurance company, etc…)

P.S. I’m off to host a Marketing Roundtable for the Grand Rapids Home Builder Association this afternoon. On the panel with me is a gentleman who helped put together this video. It’s good to be surrounded by people smarter than you (this video has over 5 million views!)

P.P.S. Want to talk via phone? Apply for a complementary Strategy Session here. Don’t try to figure it all out yourself – I’m here to help!