I was working on an ‘Our Process’ document with one of my clients this morning.

“This is how we work”

When you’re able to clearly lay out how your remodeling process works, it:

1. Differentiates you

2. Helps you build know, like, and trust

3. Shows the prospect that it’s not your first rodeo and that you’re organized

Keep it simple – start with something like this:

1. Dreaming & Planning

At our first meeting in your home, we will:• Listen to what you like and don’t like about your current home – your goals, needs, and desires for the new project• Discuss how our process helps to make your project a simple and enjoyable experience• Review the desired budget and what you’re looking to invest in the project• Based on our years of experience and your project, we will be able to give you a ‘Ballpark Range’ of what your project may cost… etc

Then move to the next parts of the process and bullet them out:

2. Design & Project Development

3. Finalize Your Plans

4. Final Proposal Presentation / Contract Signing

5. Pre-Construction Etc…

This can be a powerful sales and marketing tool and something you should consider putting together.

I talk about this a bit more in this podcast (By the way – you should subscribe and leave a review of my podcast!)

Listen here: http://remodelersontherise.com/selling-smarter-strengthening-your-sales-process-from-start-to-finish-part-1