Ya boi HSIf the part in black sounds like your remodeling business now –and the part in red is where you’d like to be…

I would ask that you email or call and let me know.

Think About This:

  • Instead of a remodeling business that is stagnant and/or running you (vs. you running it)imagine having an expert alongside you to lead you and help implement a proven and practical sales and marketing system for your business.
  • Instead of chasing every lead that came in and not having any structure to your sales processimagine qualifying your leads and only spending time on ideal prospects.
  • Instead of being disorganized and struggling to follow-up with prospectsimagine having your entire sales pipeline at your fingertips within seconds and having a toolbox of follow-up emails, postcards, and communications that you can send with a click.
  • Instead of having no marketing plan in place to help differentiate your business from the competition andalways competing on price imagine if you were easily and clearly differentiating your business from everyone else from the initial phone call all the way through to the contract signing.
  • Instead of spending money to generate leads, but not being sure what was working or not workingimagine having a clear report that shows you number of leads you generated and from where, your closing percentage by lead source, how much revenue each lead source brought in, and your cost per lead and per sale.
  • Instead of not doing anything to stay-in-touch with your previous clientsimagine having a done-for-you email newsletter ready for you each month that you can approve and send within minutes.