It’s health insurance renewal time for a lot of folks. I’ve had a few people reach out about the health insurance option my family and I use (I’ve talked about it before.)

It’s called Samaritan Ministries.

It’s been a wonderful option for us – both financially and spiritually. We love it. Would be happy to explain things in more detail to you (I’ve had a lot of clients and friends sign up for it over the years) and here are a few links for you to review as well.

Here are some of my thoughts on an audio recording about Samaritan Ministries.

Main Samaritan Ministries website

Here’s a good site that compares the different Christian Health Sharing options, etc.


One of the big things I’ve been thinking about lately is: How can I save time in my business. There’s lots to do (sound familiar?)

Certainly, there are things we can delegate, but automation is another way we can save time.

A big benefit of Remodelers AutoPilot is how much time it saves you in tracking your leads, managing your sales pipeline, sending out professional communications to your prospects and previous clients.

If you need to save time in your business, Remodelers AutoPilot is something to look into and perhaps invest some of your marketing budget towards. Reach out if you’d like to chat about it.


I just wrote a pretty passionate, direct, loud message on the Remodelers Community private (free!) Facebook Group. Feel free to request to join the group if you’d like to be part of a community of remodelers sharing best practices and ideas.