“Before working with Kyle – business was so hard. I was making tiny, incremental improvements. Working with him is like having a bulldozer behind me! Pushing me to improve, move, grow, and get better. Working with Kyle has made my life so much easier.”

I’ve loved working with Josh Nelson of Nelson Builders the past 5 years.

Josh and I have done a lot of 1on1 Coaching work together after he saw me speak at the national Remodeling Show in Chicago and he’s also part of one of my Remodelers Circle mastermind groups.

When I started working with Josh, he was at a point in his business where he was serious about getting systems/processes in place. He realized, while he had a solid base of clients, and provided a great service, he didn’t have a plan on how to make the business more profitable and what the next stage of growth and hiring looked like. He was around $750,000 in annual revenue when we first connected. He’s nearly double that now and has, importantly, not just increased top line revenue, but continues to have a much stronger bottom line net profit each year.

During our coaching work we put a plan together to hire an office manager which was a huge key to his being able to delegate and work a more manageable number of hours. It was scary for him at the time, but such a tremendous help once in place. He moved his office out of the home to an office space at that time as well.

Josh has a long-term goal of not being hands-on in his business so that he can use his building skills for missions work around the world. Our continued focus is on fine-tuning his sales process and Professional Services Agreement, strengthening his marketing plan and messaging on what makes him different, continuing to implement systems and processes that focus on him delegating more work to his growing team, all while maintaining very, very strong owner earnings and net profit.

“The first year we implemented the changes we grew revenue 30%”

Kyle Hunt helped us in so many ways with our marketing and sales process.

We are young company in the remodeling world (less than 5 years old). We met Kyle at the right time and have seen improved sales results by implementing his recommended changes to our sales process. We better qualify customers, once qualified we now provide a great introduction process with an informative email, and when we meet we have a clear, common sense sales flow that customers like and understand. The first year we implemented the changes we grew revenue 30%, year two we are on track for 40% growth.

We continue to reach out to him when we need guidance. He is a great coach!

Barb Baker

Transitions Remodeling

“Kyle knows what he is talking about, has great vision & awesome systems!”

I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with Kyle Hunt now for about 3 months. Each day I continue to be more and more impressed with his abilities. I knew he was sharp from day one but he has by far exceeded my expectations.

He recently helped me to write my marketing plan and it is exactly what I have been looking for. Wow, am I excited. He knows what he is talking about, has great vision and awesome systems!

If you are considering him to assist with your business, I can assure you that he will not disappoint you. Your investment with him will pay off big time.

Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this first hand.

Good luck!

Bob Burnside

Fireside Home Construction

“Kyle has always and in all ways exceeded our expectations.”

We have been working with Kyle and his company, Remodel Your Marketing, for approximately 6-months and in that time we have come to know and greatly appreciate Kyle and the resources that he brings to our business.

Kyle has always and in all ways exceeded our expectations. He has not only helped us implement proven marketing and sales processes in our business, but has tailored the systems to the exact needs of our company.

Kyle’s wealth of ability goes well beyond Marketing & Sales. He is also well suited when it comes to Analyzing our Financials/Job Costing, helping with our Quoting Process and Creative Problem Solving. With all of that being said, we believe that the most effective benefit Kyle has brought to our business is his keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills.

In summary, our company has been exponentially blessed by the numerous talents that Kyle has brought to us.

Bret Oleksyn, President
Odd Fellows Contracting

“He is helping us get the most out of our marketing dollars.”

Kyle is not only very responsive, but also very knowledgeable, personable, and extremely attentive to our company’s specific needs; not just pushing us into a program that is one-size-fits-all, but coaching us through the marketing systems and priorities that are really important for our company at this moment.

He is helping us get the most out of our marketing dollars, and also finding ways for us to leverage our time/resources for inexpensive and/or no-cost marketing.

Marilyn Acheson
Vice President
Acheson Builders

“Taken us from feeling overwhelmed with our marketing to feeling in-control.”

Remodel Your Marketing has taken us from feeling overwhelmed with our marketing to feeling in-control. They have brought us clarity on how we can consistently grow our revenues and profits. I can easily see how we can double our revenue in the coming few years. I enjoy our 1-on-1 coaching meetings and the group based sessions. Great stuff! Thanks for everything you have (and continue to do) for us.

Kyle Adkins Jr.
Adkins & Sons Windows