Below you’ll find The Story of Two Remodelers webinar that was hosted by Michael & Devon Stone of Construction Programs & Results.

In the webinar I share ‘The Story of Two Remodelers’ – and discuss:

  • Best practices for the initial phone call with a new prospect
  • How to better manage your proposal process
  • Ways to improve the turnaround time on your estimates
  • Elegant ways to weed out non-ideal clients
  • Great ideas on how to effectively follow-up with prospects

I also share details and information on Remodelers AutoPilot. This is an affordable software and coaching program that dozens of remodelers across the country are using to:

  • Enhance their sales process and differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Automate their marketing efforts during the sales process
  • Effectively and clearly manage their sales pipeline and follow-up
  • Market to neighborhoods they are working in
  • Professionally and consistently stay-in-touch with their previous clients
  • All wrapped up in an affordable and easy to use program.