Imagine this situation…

You’re walking up to the front door of a prospect who’s looking to do a nice sized kitchen remodel.

big50You know from the phone conversation that you aren’t the only company they’re talking to.

A little while into your meeting, the wife points to your shirt and says,

“Hey, what’s that logo on your sleeve?”

Smiling, you say, “That’s the Big50 Award logo, have you heard of it before?”

Being a homeowner, of course they haven’t, so you succinctly and clearly explain:

“Each year, our industry publication, Remodeling Magazine, selects the top 50 remodelers from across the country. We were honored to be selected to this exclusive group last year.”

Simple. Clear. Powerful.

This is the conversation several of my clients have had many times with homeowners.

And two of my clients, (Bencar Building Systems & Key Builders) who won the award this year, will be sharing with their prospects in the months and years to come.

Why you should care

You need to be working hard to differentiate your remodeling business from the competition.

After all, if you look the same, talk the same and act the same as all of your competitors – homeowners are going to decide who to go with on one thing and one thing alone… Price. Not a fun place to compete.

Winning the Big50 award sets you apart from the pack. Being a member of an exclusive group of your peers helps you build authority and credibility.

I often say, when it comes down to the homeowners final decision to buy, it’s not going to be just one thing that gets them to say yes, but a combination of a lot of little things. The credibility that comes from winning an award like this is one factor that can help tip the scales in your favor.

Being an authority in your marketplace is one of the best assets you can have in your remodeling business.

How you can use it

Winning the Big50 award is something you can use throughout your marketing/sales efforts:

  • Have a picture of you receiving the award on your office wall, website, and Facebook page
  • The Big50 logo goes on your:
    • Company shirts/hats
    • Website
    • Email signature
    • Business cards
    • Yard signs
    • Letterhead, etc.
  • It’s worthy of a company wide party to celebrate and to thank the members of your team. It’s something they can be proud of
  • A local press release can be sent out for media mentions
  • It should be included in your print/email newsletter that you send out to clients/prospects/strategic partners/friends
  • It’s mentioned during your prospect meetings for years to come

Should you care about the Big50 Award? Yes. In today’s marketplace, we have to be on the lookout for any and all competitive advantages we can find.

Like the remodeler above, you’ll smile when the homeowner asks what’s on your sleeve, because you know you’re about to share a story that few of your peers can.