Remodelers ask me often about “Branding” – could also be described as “Your Image” or “Your Reputation.”

There are a lot of elements that go into making up your Image and Brand.

For Remodel Your Marketing members, we do an “Image Audit” as part of our program. We take a look at ALL of the elements that go into your image and determine if they are:

  1. Supportive
  2. Neutral
  3. Disruptive

And based on the findings, we can clearly see where we are in good shape or where we need to get to work…

But here is the BEST way to build a solid brand, image and reputation for your Michigan based Remodeling Business:

Make promises and keep them.

Making promises and keeping them is a GREAT way to build a brand.

Keep In Mind: In a lot of ways, building a successful Remodel Business is about doing all of the little things right…