My wife and I were watching ‘Hitchcock’ the other day – it’s a movie about the life of Alfred Hitchcock.

Alfred said something to his wife (Alma) at the very end of the movie and she said in reply, “I’ve been waiting 30 years to hear you say that…

To which Alfred replied, “That’s why they call me the master of suspense!

I told you in a recent note (I copied the email below ? in case you wanted to see it again) that I was going to give you the answer “next week” – time flies when you are having fun (as well as having a cold and great clients and …yadda, yadda.) What can I say, I’m the master of suspense! So here’s the answer you’ve been waiting (patiently) for…

I listed 4 areas that comprise the bulk of the work I focus on with remodelers across the country and asked you to reply back with your answer to this:

“Let me know which option you think is the quickest at delivering the most sales/profit for my remodeling clients and why you picked that option.”

Here’s my answer (although, truth be told, I could make an argument for all four of them! It’s a bit of a trick question…)

Quickest = Sales Process Improvements

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • With a stronger sales process, you better differentiate yourself (and stop competing on price so much.)
  • You start controlling the sales process instead of the homeowner. Ever feel like you have lost control of the meeting? That your prospect is dictating the ‘next step’, how you are going to quote their project, etc? When you are leading the process instead of following, good things happen.
  • When you ask better questions and are following a stronger process – it’s amazing the change in confidence that you’ll experience. Confidence in the way you ask/answer questions, on what/how you charge, on the value that you deliver.
  • When you have a stronger sales process, follow-up get easier, because you’ve done a better job of building know, like and trust throughout the sales process.
  • Marketing System development can yield quick results, but a lot of our work in that area are longer-term plays. Things that will pay off many times over in the future weeks/months/years. With sales process improvements, you can learn something in the morning, and put it into practice that afternoon.

A lot of you have done this already, but if you haven’t grabbed the 3 Powerful Sales Tracking & Follow-up Templates & Resources from my website, please do so now (my treat!)

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Here’s the note I was referring to above:

Below you’ll find a list of 4 areas – they comprise the bulk of the work I focus on with remodelers across the country.

Can you guess which area I’ve (consistently) seen the quickest results for my remodeling clients?

Put another way, the area where my clients see the fastest ‘bang for their buck’ or Return On Investment (ROI…)?

The area that puts money into their bank account the quickest?

  • Option A: Marketing System Development – Clearly defining how you are different from competitors, improving your website, creating quick/educational videos, developing strong strategic partners (other professionals who can refer you), building a referral program, having a clear marketing budget/calendar, etc.
  • Option B: Sales Process Improvements – The system/questions you ask prospects on the initial phone call, gaining knowledge of your prospect’s budget, improvements to how you run your initial in-person meeting, how to best present your proposal, etc.
  • Option C: Personal Development – Helping you become more organized, a better manager/business owner, improving your time management and focus.
  • Option D: Solid Follow-up/Stay-In-Touch System – Proven ways to better follow-up with people you have already ‘Done a proposal for, but haven’t signed.’ Solid plan for staying-in-touch with all of your previous clients and prospects.

Please comment below with two (2) things:

  1. Let me know which option you think is the quickest at delivering the most sales/profit for my remodeling clients and why you picked that option.
  2. Which area is the most urgent for you to improve for your business?