Thanks for Applying!

I’ll be in touch with you very soon regarding your Marketing Intensive Strategy Session

In the meantime…

Please listen to this recent webinar. Press the Play button below to listen to the webinar recording:

Download the Webinar Handout here.

HIGHLIGHTS from the webinar (When you see the “[0:00]” below – that tells you the minute in the webinar that you can find that highlight)

  • [4:40] Several people spoke up and shared some of their marketing challenges. Can you relate to them?
  • [13:00] I get on my soapbox for a bit… If you listen to no other part of the webinar – Listen to this part and take action on what I’m saying.
  • [20:00] I introduce the 9 Modules of an Effective Marketing & Sales Plan for your Remodeling business.
  • [24:57] Previous Clients: I share some stories and examples of how to ensure you don’t neglect this critical group. Lots of jewels in here.
  • [35:19] A story of how a Remodeler here in Michigan is working with Strategic Partners to fill his pipeline of leads/sold projects.
  • [41:53] Your website needs to help you ‘date’ before you get ‘married.’ See what I mean by listening to this section.
  • [48:02] I offer some free resources to help you improve your Sales Process.
  • [50:08] Been thinking about using video in your marketing efforts? Listen to this section for some clear ‘Next Steps’ on how to do that.
  • [53:06] Info on the small-group Marketing Action Plan program that will run from October 4th – December 20th. Sign-up here!
  • [55:40] Some great Q&A time to wrap up the webinar. Loved what Phil shared at the start of the Q&A time 🙂
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