I was doing a class yesterday for everyone who signed up for Remodel Your Sales Process.

We were talking about how to best follow-up with our remodeling prospects – one (of the many!) things we discussed was:

Don’t be shy about texting them! Often we call and leave a voicemail a couple times. We send them an email.

And we get nothing.

Send them a quick text and a lot of times we get a reply and an update from them!

If you haven’t tried this before, try it today.

One of the participants tried it while we were on the webinar – he sent me this text to let me know how it worked:

“Texted another one I called earlier with no answer and they called me right back! ? ?

Another one he texted sent this back to him (again, someone who hadn’t responded to his calls):

“Thank you for the call and text. My days have been insane. I’ll have time to call you tomorrow between 2 and 3. Talk to you then!”

Just a simple idea for you today that you can implement today! Let me know how it goes.

The remodelers below were overwhelmed. Then they signed up for Remodelers AutoPilot and everything in their life is better now! That was a bit of an exaggeration – it doesn’t solve all of the troubles in your life, but these folks are definitely less overwhelmed.

They have a more automated sales process (they click a button and an appointment confirmation email is sent), a consistant email newsletter is going to all of their previous clients – they now have several solid systems implemented in their remodeling business.

You can learn more here.