Dean Jackson is one of the select handful of marketers that I follow closely. He works with a lot of realtors, but I’m able to glean tips for Remodelers from some of his stuff.

SIDE NOTE: Over the years, I’ve signed up and followed dozens and dozens of ‘marketing experts’ – and over the years – I’ve narrowed my reading down to a select handful of experts. You should consider doing the same thing (maybe I [Kyle] can make your ‘short list’!) Simplify and limit the number of people you listen to (it’s a great success trait…)

Back to what I was saying…

A few years ago I listened to Dean share a short, simple email that can revive dead leads. I grabbed the idea, customized it for Remodelers, started to have my remodeling clients send it out to homeowners, and saw great results from it.

It’s amazingly simple. Only ten words. And you should be sending it out today or tomorrow to your ‘dead’ leads. Here it is:

Subject Line: Are you still looking to remodel your home in [Their City Name]?

(Just place the homeowner’s City Name at the end.)

Body of Email: A simple “Let me know” with your contact information/email signature below it.

Those are the ten magic words. The temptation you may have is to add more to it. Like “well if you are, we’ve got this…” – but that takes away the magic of this email.

The magic of the email are these three key elements:

  1. It’s short.
  2. It’s personal.
  3. It’s expecting a reply.

Those three elements, when you add them together, create a combination that people can’t help but engage with. They can’t help but respond to an email like that.


I’d like you to go back to your ‘dead’ leads and send this email out. Reach out to me after you have done so and tell me about your results!