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Remodelers Community

A private group of over 1000 professional remodelers just like you, offering much-needed feedback and insights on the most pressing questions about growing a highly successful kitchen and bath remodel business. Members are respectful to one another, and truly there to help each other out.

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Remodelers Vault

A priceless collection of over 65+ industry specific resources, templates, and tools created by remodelers, for remodelers. If you want to strengthen your remodeling business, sharpen your sales process, improve your marketing, save time and make more money, Remodelers Vault has you covered!

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Remodelers AutoPilot

A simple and wildly effective way to leverage your most valuable marketing asset (your previous clients), without lifting a finger. Professional, industry-specific done-for-you email newsletters and social media marketing guaranteed to skyrocket repeat and word-of-mouth referral business! If you struggle to CONSISTENTLY stay in touch with your previous clients, Remodelers AutoPilot, solves that problem!  try it risk-free for a month for just $1!

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Remodelers on the Rise

This industry-leading weekly podcast is jam-packed with practical tips, techniques, and high-level strategy, you can immediately implement into your kitchen and bath remodeling business. You’ll discover specific examples, and timely information you simply can’t find anywhere else, delivered in a lively (NOT BORING) format you’ll enjoy listening to. Find it in your favorite podcast app or the link below.

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"I was hesitant at first to try Remodelers AutoPilot but I am an absolute believer now. It's a great way to keep in touch with past clients and even possible future clients. We have had 12-15 clients reply to the newsletter Kyle created wanting us to do another project for them. With his only being our fifth month with AutoPilot, I'd say you get a lot of bang for your buck with this program."

James Lambert, TSG Renovations

"Just wanted to say thanks for creating, administrating, and moderating the Remodelers Community group! I find the group to be a tremendously helpful resource! It’s helped our company continue to grow and refine what we are doing. Taking your suggestion of saying thanks on this day!"

Dave Hamtil, Hamtil Construction

"I haven’t given you anything at all, but you have made a major impact on me and my business. I listen to your podcast in my truck all the time."

Ian Horowitz

I’m reaching out to introduce myself. My name is Kyle Hunt. For the last 13 years, I’ve helped hundreds of remodelers increase profits and free time.

I write regularly for Remodeling Magazine and NARI, along with other industry publications, and have been a featured speaker at IBS, the national Remodeling Show, and numerous HBA’s.

Most of my remodeling clients focus on selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work and the stress they are carrying. Time and again I’m able to deliver those results.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email (kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com), text or phone (517-902-8450).