I had this conversation on a call today

Kyle: “Alright – next thing I wanted to talk about is 

A discussion of your 2020 Business Strategy:

I want us to get clear with your 2020 business goals

Along with other questions – let’s discuss:

Do you want to grow/stay-the-same?

More employees or not? Any changes to your staff?

Let’s discuss your Marketing and your Sales Process…

So put it out there – what comes to your mind as you envision your remodeling business in 2020.”

There was a nice “pregnant pause” (<— I don’t think I’ve ever typed out that phrase before)

And what ensued was a great brainstorm on conversation with the remodeler on what they want to accomplish this upcoming year.

I could see the energy/excitement grow as we discussed things back and forth.

And from the notes that I took

We have a high-level outline of what he wants to accomplish

That we can now break down into quarterly goals

Along with a set of S.M.A.R.T. goals to execute.

It’s time for YOU to start thinking about these questions

Start writing some thoughts/ideas out sometime this week

And cast a vision for your upcoming year.

COMMENT BELOW: What’s one thing that’s high on your list to implement/improve in your remodeling business in 2020?