I was talking to my Aunt at my nephew’s birthday party a couple weeks back and I don’t even remember how it came up, but she started talking about a roofing company that had completed a job at their home (last year.)

  • Did she talk about the quality materials they installed? Nope.
  • Did she mention how quickly they got the job done? Nope.
  • She didn’t mention the price she paid either.

All she had to say was:

“You wouldn’t believe it Kyle, they power washed our entire house when they were done with the work!”

Wow – something as simple as power washing a house was something “remarkable” in her eyes.

Remodelers – take note. It’s these little things (like power washing the house at the end of the job) that your clients remember and “remark” about.

Maybe you need to have a cleaning person come in and make your client’s remodeled area beautiful before finishing up. What’s $100 on a $50,000 remodel if that $100 is something they are going to remember, appreciate and “remark” about?

It’s about these little things and going the extra 1%.

What are you doing to be remembered (talked about) and preferred? Invest some thought time in this question.