A bit of a smorgasbord of a post for you today. Several different topics and I hope you find them valuable:

1. I was working out consistently for 10 months. In the fall I didn’t work out a single time for 3 months. Since mid December I’ve been back at it. Question for you: What good habit have you let slip that you need to get back to?

2. The 2017 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine just came out. Are you using it with prospects? If not, consider something like the text below in the initial email you send out to a new prospect (with Remodelers AutoPilot – we send this in a professional email between the initial phone call and first in-person meeting):

We know cost can be a factor in many remodeling projects. To help you have a more realistic picture of where your budget should be, we recommend you look at Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report which takes 35 of the most popular remodeling projects, gives you their average cost in a specific region and also lists what you can expect for a return on your investment.

3. Are you going to choose the left side or right side? Click here to see what I’m referring to.

4. Having yourself, your key employees (or people you are considering hiring) complete a DISC Profile is a great way to get some credible feedback on strengths/weaknesses.

It costs $42 to take and 15-20 minutes to complete. I recommend this one (choose ‘DiSC Classic 2.0 Report – View Results Instantly’)

5. In this video, I interview remodeler Rhonda Burgin and we discuss best practices that you can incorporate into your remodeling business’ Houzz.com profile.

Reach out anytime – I’m here to help.