I’m working on finalizing a website with all the details on my Remodelers AutoPilot program.

It’s forced me to get clear with exactly what the program does. It allows you to:

  • Transform your sales process
  • Organize your sales pipeline
  • Automate your follow-up and stay-in-touch marketing

I have been asking the 20+ remodelers who use the program for the results they’ve seen.

The email below is from Jacob Thompson – a remodeler out in Washington. He’s been using Remodelers AutoPilot since last fall. Here’s what he had to say:

“A big benefit for me in using Remodelers AutoPilot is to be able to see in a glance what appointments I have scheduled, leads I’m working on project development agreements for, which leads I have presented but haven’t signed, jobs in progress, etc…  Prior to using the program, information was all over the place and it was tough to prioritize my time when I wasn’t even sure where everyone was in the pipeline.

Soon after we implemented the system we did our first home show and the system was absolutely critical in tracking the pipeline. We had 20+ requests for appointments and for the next few weeks I was running 2-3 appointments 2-3 days per week. There was no way without Remodelers AutoPilot I would have been able to keep my sanity or be as organized/professional with my follow-up.

The automation of it has been a huge time saver as well. Previously when a new lead called in I would write down their contact if (hope I didn’t lose it), open up my email, open up a word document, copy and paste our initial email, manually add several pdf attachments, etc. and then wait for the attachment to load. Now that is all taken care of for me in one simple click – saving me time.

Plus, I have the ability to not only see if they have opened the email but also which of the links they clicked on. It helps to see who is really interested.

The monthly e-newsletter is great as well, I’d say at least every other month we get at least one call/email from a past client or prospect as a result of the newsletter. Previously we were lucky to get one out every few months. Now all I have to do is say yes to the email proof and off they go. 

Hope that helps Kyle.  Writing all that out really made me realize how much I rely on Remodelers AutoPilot at this point.

I would not have closed as much business or kept my sanity this past year without it.

Our old systems got us by for the volume we were doing, but with signed jobs for 2015 that put us at almost 2.5 times our 2014 volume I would have been drowning. Thanks for all you do.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Jacob Thompson, CGR, CKBR
Home Run Solutions, LLC
O: 425-320-4786
C: 425-533-7896

Pretty soon I’ll send you to a website with all the Remodelers AutoPilot details – for now, simply email me if you’d like more info and I’ll send you some quick demo videos of the program and a document with all the other details.

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