My business coach, Dov Gordon, has a saying:

“Strike at the root while everyone else hacks at the leaves.”

Back in mid-March I spoke at the Michigan Association of Home Builders ‘Remodelers Workshop’ – the title of my talk was:

“Should Social Media be your top marketing priority?”

I started by talking about the benefits of Social Media – some success stories that my remodeling clients have had – then I took an abrupt turn and started talking about:

  • 30 Little Ways to Differentiate
  • What BLB’s are and why you need to be doing four of them every month
  • Great ways to stay in touch with your previous clients to generate more repeat/referral work
  • Why Advertising is the price you pay for not being remarkable
  • An area of your sales pipeline that gets neglected and how to fix it
  • How to put your follow-up program on autopilot
  • And more proven, practical, simple, and effective tips on how to generate a consistent flow of ideal leads and convert those leads to paying projects

Lastly, I had everyone in attendance get really clear with their answer to this:

Please tell me your top two goals for this month related to improving your Marketing & Sales efforts.

It was interesting that at the start of the session, the great majority of people in the room thought Social Media should be a top goal/priority, but after considering little ways to differentiate, working on their sales process, doing a better job of staying-in-touch with their previous clients, improving their follow-up with prospects, developing more strategic partners, etc. – Social Media fell down the list and other marketing priorities started floating up to the top of the list…My key point is that that there are a lot of ‘fundamental’ Marketing that gets neglected (ignored?) in favor of other things…

Sick and tired of your marketing ‘not working?’ Feel like you are ‘hacking at the leaves’ instead of ‘striking at the root?’

Here’s your first step to fixing the problem.