I’m at lunch right now. I’m eating a salad.

(I like to put my headphones on and work at lunch)

I can’t remember exactly where I was last week, but this thought came to my mind:

‘Hey Kyle – Stop eating like a pig.’

I’ve just been sloppy with it lately. For the last week, I’ve eaten much better.

Here’s what’s interesting to me – and hopefully you. Like a lot of things – I didn’t need to come up with this big plan. Sign-up for some program. Find the newest fad diet.

Those are all roadblocks and excuses for not taking action.

No. I just needed to make a DECISION and then stop eating like crap.


How does this ‘DECIDE!’ thought apply to your life and business right now?

Sure, perhaps it’s related to your health.

It could also be a decision that you’ve been mulling over or that you’ve been ignoring, like:

  • DECIDE to let go of that employee
  • DECIDE that project is one you need to step away from (it’s not a fit for your business)
  • DECIDE to invest in that advertising or marketing program
  • DECIDE to start working out
  • DECIDE to fully implement that new process
  • DECIDE to shift around some job responsibilities amongst your team
  • DECIDE to get home from work at 5:00PM
  • DECIDE to take your spouse out this weekend
  • DECIDE to read for 20 minutes today
  • DECIDE to _________.

Whatever it is for you: Stop pondering, delaying, kicking it down the road and DECIDE.

Don’t wait for all of the stars to align just perfectly.

Successful business people are decisive.


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