In the video below – I go pretty deep.

What’s interesting is that some of the thoughts I share in this video are years in the making, but are just now coming together and becoming clear.

In this video:

  • I share an interesting conversation I had with a client this week.
  • Plead with you to think about your ‘it’. It = Ideal Business/Life
  • At 4:30 into the video I share how this isn’t just a business thing. It’s an idea that blends your marriage, kids, hobbies, faith, friends, etc. all together.
  • At 8:00 I share the story of a colleague who passed away last year and the questions he left us to help us answer what our ‘it’ is.
  • I may also show you my new stand-up/sit-down desk to lighten the topic up a little bit…

[youtube id=”vznGmPKC7Jw” marginbottom=”10″]

One of the links mentioned in the video: Seddon Days

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