Remodelers CircleI’m excited to share the details of Remodelers Circle with you.

Remodelers Circle – What’s Included:

  • A mastermind and accountability group of 8-10 similar sized, non-compete remodelers
  • Monthly 90 minute Video Conference Call (I will push you to show up every time and aim to have everyone using Video conference via a program called Zoom for maximum effectiveness)
  • You’ll have a little prep to do each month with our ‘Monthly Update Form’ – I’ll ask you to submit it 4 days before our meeting. This will allow you to submit topics for the mastermind meeting you’d like to discuss, give an update on your key Goal/Action Step from our last meeting, and share other key items with the group
  • I’ll except you to actively participate! To reach out to your group members in between calls to develop relationships. We’ll communicate via email and/or group text and/or a private Facebook group to help push and encourage each other
  • Need a template/tool/resource/process? As a member, you’ll have access to all of the templates/tools/resources/processes that Kyle has developed for his clients – as well as have a group of peers who will happily share with you
  • You will leave each video conference call with fresh ideas, encouragement, and an important key Goal/Action Step that you are going to get done and implement before our next meeting (be prepared to catch a little grief from me and the group if you don’t get it done! This will be the power of accountability at work.)

I’ve been doing mastermind groups like these (just for Michigan remodelers) for the last four years and am taking what I’ve learned and how I’ve facilitated those groups into these new groups. I’ve been amazed at the progress, ideas shared, relationships/friendships developed, and improvements made by group members (in business and life) and am excited to create more groups and, perhaps, have you as part of one.

We benefit greatly by having a group of peers we can be real with, learn from, have some accountability with, and be encouraged and inspired by. If you’ve never been a part of a mastermind group before, you’re in for a new and powerful experience.

In Addition to the above, there’s a lot more that I include for you as a Remodelers Circle member:


Coaching Gym:
Each month, I’ll set aside several hours for Remodelers Circle members and you can request a 15 minute 1on1 coaching slot. Have a specific problem you want my 1on1 coaching/advice on? Take advantage of the Coaching Gym each month ($75/month value)

Done-for-you Email Newsletter:
You’ll receive a customized and done-for-you email newsletter that you can send out to all of your previous clients and prospects. Whether you send that from a program like Remodelers AutoPilot or I work with you to send it out from another program – you’ll consistently be able to stay-in-touch with your previous clients every month and generate more repeat and referral work ($125/month value)

Done-for-you Social Media Posts:
Each month, you’ll get an email to a form like this

You simply select the posts that you’d like to use on your business Facebook page and my team will schedule those posts for you during the month ($75/month value)

Customized Client Satisfaction Survey & Lost Job Survey:
As a Remodelers Circle Member we’ll customize an end of job Client Satisfaction Survey for you (and two other surveys as well) to send to your clients when you complete a job with them. Example here ($150/value)

Improve Your Sales & Marketing Process:
My team will customize and set-up professional email communications for you to use throughout your sales process:

  • Professional Appointment Confirmation Email
  • Follow-up Emails/Postcards
  • New Client Kit Email & PDF
  • Completed Job Sequence of Emails to send to your clients when you complete a job with them
  • ($500/value)

Full Access to my existing training courses and 50% discount on future courses:

Remodel Your Sales Process – Professional sales training, led by Kyle Hunt, to give you the tools and confidence you need so that you can differentiate your remodeling business, understand your prospects needs better, help you close more sales, and help you to deliver a remarkable experience for your clients. 8 recorded sessions + all resources/templates/tools included ($297/value)

Remodel Your Marketing Plan – 5 Session Training Course focused on two deliverables for you: 1. A clear Marketing Plan for your remodeling business 2. A clear and specific Marketing Budget for your business ($147/value)


What I’ve done is packed a lot of value into being a Remodelers Circle member. The key feature is the monthly mastermind and accountability group, but on top of that are ways to get some 1on1 coaching (Coaching Gym), done-for-you marketing help (some companies pay $100’s of dollars a month just for help with those!), and additional resources to help you improve your sales and marketing efforts.

The monthly investment to be part of Remodelers Circle is $275/month ($400 discount if you do an annual payment.)

If you have a second person in your company (an office manager, for example) who you want to be part of one of the other mastermind groups that I’ll be launching, it would be an additional $75/month to add a second person to a second group.

My goal would be to, at a minimum, 10x your investment in Remodelers Circle. For every $1 you invest in the group, I expect you to make $10 (at a minimum!) back. This will come through solid marketing and sales improvements, being pushed to look hard at your mark-up and job cost reporting, implementing improvements into your business that end up saving you time or money, and just continuing to implement solid best practices into your remodeling business that you learn from me and the group.

So, that’s the package of services! Let me know what questions you have or if you’d like to join. My goal with this is to give you community, coaching, accountability, done-for-your services, and encouragement to continue to get better and achieve more in your business (and life) at an affordable monthly rate. There’s nothing else quite like this in our industry.

Would love to have you join me! Contact me (via email or phone: 517-902-8450) with questions or to sign-up.

P.S. Are you already part of Remodelers Advantage, EBA PRIME, or a NAHB Remodeler 20 group? If so, this probably isn’t for you. Click here to find out why.