question-markDuring the last quarter of 2009 I’ve gotten fairly active with Twitter.

Do I recommend remodelers get active on Twitter (or any Social Media [Facebook/LinkedIn] for that matter)?

Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch addresses this best:

Do not bother with Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking tools right now unless:

  • You have perfected a simple point of differentiation that a narrow market truly values and gets
  • You have a killer white paper that clearly demonstrates your 7 steps to blah, blah, blah expertise
  • You have built relationships with 5 journalists that routinely call you for quotes and tips
  • You have a roster of strategic partners that you automatically refer and who refer you
  • Your web site/blog is chock full of education based content, articles and tutorials
  • You have a fully scripted/automated lead conversion process that you can measure

What John is saying is summarized in our Duct Tape Marketing mantra of: Strategy Before Tactics

Should you invest your precious (and limited time) in Social Media?

If you have your Strategy & Marketing System in place… Certainly! Lets see how we can get involved with Social Media and how it can be effective in our overall Marketing System.

But if you don’t have any of the bulleted items above completed – let’s get those taken care of first.