I think selling in the upcoming months and the remainder of the year is going to be harder than what we’ve seen over the last year or two.

We might not see as many leads and will need to do everything we can to convert our leads to paying projects.

I anticipate we’re going to hear more objections then before (can I buy materials myself, can you breakdown your price into more details, etc.)

You will need to focus on having all of the fundamentals of a strong sales process in place (an excellent initial phone call, professional communications throughout the process, improving how we conduct our initial in-person meeting, a strong process for charging for your project design and development, an organized sales pipeline, excellent follow-up tools, etc.)

I think taking a sales training course to help you improve and strengthen your sales process is a great investment (if you’re able to invest a bit of hard-earned money right now.)

And that’s what I’m offering – a sales training course called Remodel Your Sales Process. Kicks off on April 29th.

See details here or click the video below!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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