I got home from Church Choir recently (yes, I do some singing when I’m not working with remodelers!) And I was clicking through the channels and caught the end of the Red Wings game. The Score?

Red Wings: 9
Blue Jackets: 1

That is a butt-whoppin’ if I’ve ever seen one!

You may be asking yourself:


Here’s the tie in…

There are some Remodeling Projects that you land where you just DOMINATE the competition. They didn’t stand a chance (you beat your competitors, like the Red Wings did 9-1!)

These Projects are typically ones that you land from Previous Clients. These are folks that you’ve built “know, like and trust” with – and were easy victories.

But guess what?

There are a lot of Projects out there that are a lot closer in score… There are Projects you win “5 to 4” – there are projects you end up losing by the slimmest of margins.

In my experience in the Remodeling business – the difference between winning that close game (i.e. Project) and losing it comes down to the little things.

You look back on the project and say things like:

  • “Boy, if I had only explained our Process better.”
  • “I should have asked them more questions about their Needs & Desires on the project.”
  • “Man, I should have delivered my Proposal in-person vs. emailing it.”
  • “I should have sent that Thank You note out to help me stand out.”
  • “I forgot to explain to them how we are different from the others”
  • Etc….
Would you like to WIN more of those “close games”? Let’s Start with this:

We have developed a “Scorecard for Remodelers.” I’d like you to take 5-8 minutes out of your busy day and complete the Scorecard.

When you fill it out and click the Submit button, we’ll receive your answers and then contact you to set-up a 29-Minute Complementary Coaching call with Kyle (that’s me…) to review your personalized Scorecard.

Interested in seeing what the Scorecard for YOUR Remodeling business looks like?
The Scorecard and more details can be found here.